Bollard lights

Being kept in the dark is never fun – especially when it comes to your way home. That’s why we enlist the help of bollard lights like TAPE, PALOS or SWAY. They do not just stand out with their minimalistic design, but also with a strong weather resistance. After all, Wever & Ducré exterior lights are all IP-certified and offer an especially high water protection.

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Sun Down lights on

When the sun slowly disappears below the horizon, it’s time to shine for Wever & Ducré LED garden lights. Perfectly highlighting your patio, the pool or the new rock garden, they are not only smart and functional, but also have dazzling looks. Whether hidden in the grass or as a portable design element – modern LED garden lights today come in more shapes and sizes than ever before. With their soft and indirect light, they do not only create better visibility on driveways, pathways and stairs, but also add to the atmosphere at your garden party. Once you have them, you will want to keep them forever. Therefore, all Wever & Ducré garden lights have high IP ratings that ensure ideal protection against dust and moisture all year round.

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