it's a material world

... at least as far as our lamps are concerned. After all, there's virtually no material our designers don't experiment with. We create luminaires that make a statement, and that you wouldn't find on every ceiling. From beautiful walnut wood to soft felt to real marble. Sounds crazy? It is. But it is precisely this extraordinary combination of design and material that defines a genuine Wever & Ducré luminaire. You like aluminium? Choose your favourite from our range of different finishes from our new collection


if it sounds crazy, we're in.

Would you believe you can make a light out of marble? Neither did we. The idea sounded so crazy that we just had to try. Lo and behold, after some experimentation we succeeded. Want to hear more success stories? We are delighted to share that we have also achieved this with other unusual materials. So, if you stumble across stone, porcelain, walnut wood, or felt lights in our collection, you absolutely can believe your eyes. It's all as real as it looks.




we like metal

Why do our designers love aluminium? Because its easy-to-work surface allows for many amazing effects. Want some examples? If an aluminium light is sandblasted or powder-coated, the result is a more textured, matt finish. If they are covered with a fine glaze, the material gloss and colour are shown at their best. That is by no means all that is possible in terms of finish. The best thing to do is to download our index with all the finishes and discover for yourself how varied our favourite material can be.




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