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The recessed luminaires in our DEEP series prefer a more understated approach. They prefer to stay out of sight, hidden deep in the ceiling. Their narrow edge makes that possible, allowing them to blend seamlessly with it. This trimless effect makes these space-saving multi-talents particularly popular. Thanks to the recessed installation in a round ceiling cut-out, the visible support is concealed. The result is a particularly attractive, sophisticated look which reduces glare to a minimum. All with minimal effort. Because DEEP is extremely easy to mount and – in contrast to conventional recessed luminaires – also creates a lot of fantastic effects. That’s its speciality. With its three different beam options – BASIC, ADJUST, and ASYM – both individual objects and entire walls can be accentuated


deep & deeper

DEEP and DEEPER are classic downlights. They shine their light beam straight down. Perfect for corridors and ceilings. But the recessed lights have so much more to offer. DEEP is available in five different versions and varying sizes. The IP44 variant is even waterproof. This means you can install a starry sky in the bathroom if you want. By the way, DEEPER is also available as an IP44 version and almost disappears in the ceiling. The 1.0 version of DEEP is even ZigBee capable, so it can be easily controlled via smartphone or tablet - which is very handy.


deep adjust & deep asym

You want to put Picasso in the right light, create a fantastic ceiling pattern, or skilfully highlight surface structures on the wall? The DEEP family's swivelling spots are perfect for you. DEEP ADJUST is available in different versions and sizes. Some versions are even smart home-compatible. If you are looking for a luminaire that creates powerful wallwash effects, you should choose DEEP ASYM, which also can be controlled via your mobile device.  


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