suspension options

for 1-8 luminaires
Restaurant De Koolputten

let's hang out together

Wether you prefer a single shooting star or a whole milky way, our suspension options are up to the task and will let your sweethearts shine from the ceiling.


single suspensions

You've fallen in love with one of our luminaires, and now you're looking for the right baldachin? Let's quickly play matchmaker here. You have three basic options. The first is the classic ceiling-base round. Alternatively, choose the timeless ceiling-mounted version or the more subtle Invisible, where the installed baldachin disappears into the plaster ceiling. Rounding off the selection is the semi-recessed version, where the baldachin can also be hidden in the ceiling but with a cover that can always be opened for maintenance. Did you find a match? All you need to do now is pick the right colour.




multi suspensions


RAY likes swinging from the ceiling together with other Wever & Ducré luminaires. The trick is suspending up to eight luminaires as a round multi-baldachin and up to five in a straight form. All you need is a single light outlet from which you can tailor the arrangement. Straight as a die or as a spider's web where the cables become a design element. Who can join the team? Beyond WETRO and DOCUS, BOX, HEXO, SELO, CORK, WIRO and SHIEK are combination geniuses.



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