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Can you capture the fleeting beauty of a dewdrop? You can.

“But only if you focus on the phenomenon behind it,” explain 13&9 Design.“ The hydrophobic effect that lets water drip off or adhere to surfaces creates not merely round forms, but rather a variety of distinctive hanging, clinging and standing shapes. This is exactly what the concept of this biophilic design luminaire is based on.” Sounds too theoretical? Then just sit back and watch these shimmering glass forms that are available in smoky white and smoky grey unfold their atmospheric effect.

„We wanted to create an artistic interpretation of nature.“
13&9 Design

13&9 Design

Once again, the Austrian design collective 13&9 Design let its inspiration run wild for a series of exclusive products for Wever & Ducré.

And the results are impressive: two product families (MIRRO and DRO) that could not be more different from one another but still show unmistakeable parallels. Just like the creative minds behind 13&9 Design. Since 2013, Martin Lesjak (Architect and CEO of INNOCAD architecture) and Anastasija Lesjak (product and fashion designer) have been developing projects in the fields of lighting, acoustics, furniture, textile and accessories.

So what’s the design duo’s secret recipe? Modularity, compatibility, flexibility, and change. “We want to strengthen the connection between the product and the user.” Numerous awards and publications around the world underline the success of the philosophy followed by 13&9 Design.

Biophilic Design

The term biophilia means “love of life or living systems” and describes the innate need to seek contact with nature. In today’s world, surrounded by technology and industrial architecture, humans are increasingly losing their connection to nature.

The concept of biophilia is being employed more and more often to create a natural or nature-oriented environment for us to live and work in.

DRO is a direct result of this idea. The dewdrop-shaped luminaires have a positive effect on the mind and soul and enhance our well-being through the conscious integration of nature into our designed world.

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