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Hotel Steigenberger

Hotel Steigenberger
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From old to new. The aim of the renovation of the Hotel Steigenberger in Krems was to integrate the existing building and installations.

Great that small things can often punch above their weight. The ROOMS planning team chose our small but elegant classic DEEP for the basic lighting of the hotel corridors. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the spotlights, which are set in depth, fit seamlessly into the existing building fabric and do not demand any attention for themselves.

But the transformation does not finish there. The resort's corridors present themselves in a new guise, merging aesthetics and functionality. MILES fills a dual role as a wall light and decorative door sign while functioning as a bespoke orientation guidance system. Beautiful haptic effects sprang from the textile coverings on the wall surfaces in the corridor. The indirect light on the textured surface completes the feel-good ambience. Only one question remains: How many MILES to home?


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