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Spicy Lemon

  • Location
    Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Photographer
    Kris Dekeijser
  • Architect
    Stay Studio

Really well seasoned

A little bit of Iran in Kortrijk, West Flanders. That was exactly what Louis Ottevaere was still missing in his home region. Together with co-owners Feysal Ghafelzadeh and Maryam Marvani he created a new restaurant: Persian-Iranian cuisine, in an atmospheric ambiance far from clichés.

For that to happen, much attention was devoted to the interior design. Materials and finishes are high quality but not "chic". The walls and ceiling were clad in polished concrete to create the raw, nonchalant flair. Elegance lives in the detail - as in the fine Alcantara curtains and sofa covers of fine knitting. Architect Simon Adriaenssens steered clear of traditional Persian patterning to create a neutral and modern atmosphere with less deliberate touches. What is typical of his work, the playfulness and desire for innovation, led him to Wever & Ducré for lighting.

The lighting mood, which is for Adriaenssens the central element of any interior design - he arranged on three levels. General lighting and light points on walls and tables are provided by SQUBE on track. The indirectly luminous MILES creates accents with strong character and lends the environment its cosy flair. Finally, DRO is used on the decorative level. With its unusual, organically soft appearance, inspired by the shape of a dewdrop, it acts as an eye-catcher and creates a subtly exciting atmosphere at every table.

Louis Ottevaere is more than satisfied: "Our vision was precisely translated by the lighting and furniture design." And the success proves them right - since the opening, Spicy Lemon is well filled and Kortrijk is one spicy address richer.



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