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What is at least as important to a hotel as a chic interior? Exactly. Great surroundings. Because if we do not like the facade, pool area, or guest garden, we will not want to go in there at all. Nevertheless, understatement is preferable when it comes to outdoor lighting. Because too much can quickly seem garish and restless. And this irritates both the guests and the next-door neighbours. In addition, some countries have very strict light pollution regulations. It is therefore essential that you inform yourself beforehand about any prohibitions or restrictions. Have all the details been clarified? Wéver & Ducré LED outdoor luminaires can now be used to safely illuminate paths, stairways, access roads, and much more. Architectural details and large wall surfaces can also be creatively staged with BOX and TUBE Outdoor. Portable luminaires such as COSTA, which can be positioned very flexibly, provide beautiful highlights at the pool or in the guest garden.

Ca Toresele
„Outdoor lighting has to meet two central criteria. It has to perfectly present the architecture at night, and it has to accentuate usable outdoor areas.“
paul fraissler

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