Breathing life into our products

Would you like to take a closer look at our products? No problem. With our product videos, we take you on a journey into the world of Wever & Ducré. By clicking on the play button, you can easily bring your favourite product to life and view it from all its best sides - as often and as long as you like.


A place steeped in history gets a new face

Times change – valuable things therefore need to be preserved. This is also the case with De Koolputten (English: "The Coal Mine"), which used to be a family coal business in Waasland, East Flanders. 100 years ago this used to be a trading port and the economic centre of the region. Now, the historic site is home to a leisure and business hot spot - as diverse as it is sophisticated. Today, guests will find a gourmet restaurant, a bed & breakfast, an event hall and an art gallery there on the banks of the Durme.




Whether after a great party or a long day at the office, PALOS will get you home safely either way. Thanks to its asymmetrical beam angle, it illuminates paths and driveways over an impressively wide area, helping navigation at night.


Wever & Durcé lights are the shining stars in every project, whether in restaurants, homes, offices, shops, or outdoor areas.

Come on by!

Anyone who loves exceptional and fresh design must see Kortrijk. Kortrijk hosts one of the most important trade fairs in Europe, and as City of Design, it is home to the latest lighting trends since 2019. Want to see for yourself? Come to the Wever & Ducré headquarters which boasts a new production facility and a huge showroom. Sounds good? Let's go. A fresh cup of coffee and our brand-new collections are waiting for you.

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